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Global Update and Recommendations July 2019 - PDF File 3 pages

Trade War Heats Up - Just another market fracus or more?
Mid- May 2019 PDF file

Inverted Yield Curve Panic? Action Plan PDF 

Europe and Japan Economies in or near recession
The U.S. economy still appears to be sailing on serenely,
while the rest of the world economy sinks like a stone.” - Barron's

Mid-March 2019 European Risks PDF

Time to Reduce European Allocations

The Dramatic Change in Outlook and Risks

The End of the “Euroboom” vs. Continued Strength in the U.S.

Market Downturn & Looking Forward – November 27, 2018 Update  http://dhutch.news/Nov27

Mid-November 2018 pdf: http://dhutch.news/Selloff

Global Market Sell-off Analysis & Recommendations


October 2018 Update- http://dhutch.news/OctoberUpdates

Nafta Rewrite Won't Boost U.S. Growth, Economists Say - Trade deal with Canada and Mexico is unlikely to boost economy or manufacturing jobs, WSJ survey shows."
Cetera Investment Management has written some excellent articles including after significant decline "Equity Markets Decline: Search for Direction Ahead of Earnings."

September 2018: Stay the Course, Open an Umbrella or Build an Ark? 
Good Times Roll For Most Companies vs. Potential Storm Clouds Moving In. Corporate profits soar again. Tax cut benefits. Have earnings peaked? Widening gap risk. A new tax cut on capital gains? Wage growth slows, NAFTA status. Trade wars just for bargaining or major risk? Investor action recommendations.

Are Investors Going to Get Gobbled by Turkey?

Fear and Loathing in the Bond Market with Alternatives  (PDF)

2018 New Tax Law – Potential Market Results (PDF
New Tax Law  Facts – Some buried and not widely understood 
The Bull Market's Next Act - 2018 Outlook

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June 2018: Stay the Course, Open an Umbrella, or Build an Ark?  (PDF) 
Earnings Updates, Buy in  May and Stay to Play. market Outlook, Risks, and Recommendations