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Dave's Latest Investment Reports

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Late November  2023  Caution May Still Be Needed for Growth Equities

November 2023 November 2023 Market and Economic Update
October 2023 Continued Good Economy, Soaring Jobs, Interest Rate Surge

Late August 2023 The Big Summer Surprise: A Red-Hot Economy & Interest Rate Surge

August 2023   Let the good times roll? Or get defensive away from large tech stocks?

Late June 2023 Late June 2023 Market Update

Late April 2023  Large Tech Sector Outlook: Dense Fog & the Fed inflation fight

March 2023 2nd Bank Failure and Govt Action on Sunday

March 2023 Silicon Valley Bank Failure

March 2023 New Five-Year Window to claim estate portability for Spouses of Deceased.

January 2023  Earnings, Higher Interest Rates, Sticky Wage Inflation & 'The Bostic Bombshell'

Mid-November 2022 Markets Mostly UP - Will it Last?

Late October 2022 Creative Accrual Accounting Can Mislead Investors

Late October 2022 A Strengthening Case for Small Cap Stocks

October 2022 - US Bond Collapse and Inflation Fight 

October 2022 - UK Currency and Bond Crash

Late August 2022 - Is the Market Recovery Real? Don't get too excited yet

July 2022 - When will the misery end? Earnings & Valuations will Determine the Next Rebound - 3 page PDF

July 2022 - Fed Challenge: To shrink its $9 trillion balance sheet while raising the federal fund rate, without causing market mayhem.   - 2-page pdf              

May 2022 -Reasons to Stay Invested in Volatile Times.pdf- 2-page pdf

May 2022 - Equity And Bond Market Collapse .pdf - 3-page pdf

                               With Dave's Recommendations

April 2022- 2-page pdf:
Growth vs. Value Investing: Which is better in today's market?

February 2022: 
2 page pdf: New Economic Cycle - Stay the Course or Reduce Risk

Hello 2022 - 
2 page pdf Hello 2022 - Goodbye COVID (We hope) Market Update

December 2021 Profits Soar Again - Despite supply chain problems
Inflation soars after years below 2% Fed Target
America’s booming demand for goods shatters the supply chain
Action Plan Recommendations

3 page PDF file Download December 2021 Market Report

2 page pdf and action plan September 2021

Sept 2021 Update Earnings Soar Despite Concerns Over Unvaccinated in Industries Most Affected. September 2021 Market and Economic Update

3 page pdf and action plan June 2021
Economic and Growth to Value Rotation Update - Action Plan June 2021

3 page pdf and action plan May 2021
Economic, Market and Growth vs. Rotation Update May 2021

2 Page pdf and action plan March- April 2021:
Is 10 Years of Outperformance of Growth Stocks Ending?

2 Page pdf and action plan
Hope for “Roaring 20’s” Builds

Update – Late February 2021

2 Page pdf and action plan:
The Reddit Army That Crushed Wall Street and Hedge Funds - February 2021

Investing For Income When Interest Rates Are So Low

Growth vs. Value Equity Analysis and Action Plan

Will the Post-Pandemic Roaring 20s Start in 2021? 
The Overdue Market Correction of September 2020
Why and Action Plan

Market Soaring with the Recession and Pandemic Surging in Most of the U.S. Why? - Outlook & Risks –Action Plan Recommendations

Fallen Angel Opportunity
PDF June 2020 - 3 pages

Energy Market Chaos Report
3 Page PDF Late April 2020

Recovery Rebates, PPP and Market Crisis Update April 2020
2 page PDF 

Investor Panic We Can Control
Mid-March 2020 with Action Plan  - 5 page PDF 

State of the Markets - Early March 2020
Virus crisis or buying opportunity with action plan
3 page PDF Virus crisis or buying opportunity 

U.S. Stocks 2020 Melt-Up Risks - Caution - Action Plan Recommendations
4 page PDF  Stock Melt-Up Risks Action Plan

Why Mid-Cap Stocks Maybe More Prudent and Timelier than Large Caps. Our action plan recommendations. PDF Midcaps

Older Recent Investment Newsletters

Global Update and Recommendations July 2019 - PDF File 3 pages

Trade War Heats Up - Just another market fracus or more?
Mid- May 2019 PDF file

Inverted Yield Curve Panic? Action Plan PDF 

Europe and Japan Economies in or near recession
The U.S. economy still appears to be sailing on serenely,
while the rest of the world economy sinks like a stone.” - Barron's

Mid-March 2019 European Risks PDF

Time to Reduce European Allocations

The Dramatic Change in Outlook and Risks

The End of the “Euroboom” vs. Continued Strength in the U.S.

Market Downturn & Looking Forward – November 27, 2018 Update

Mid-November 2018 pdf:

Global Market Sell-off Analysis & Recommendations


October 2018 Update-

Nafta Rewrite Won't Boost U.S. Growth, Economists Say - Trade deal with Canada and Mexico is unlikely to boost economy or manufacturing jobs, WSJ survey shows."
Cetera Investment Management has written some excellent articles including after significant decline "Equity Markets Decline: Search for Direction Ahead of Earnings."

September 2018: Stay the Course, Open an Umbrella or Build an Ark? 
Good Times Roll For Most Companies vs. Potential Storm Clouds Moving In. Corporate profits soar again. Tax cut benefits. Have earnings peaked? Widening gap risk. A new tax cut on capital gains? Wage growth slows, NAFTA status. Trade wars just for bargaining or major risk? Investor action recommendations.

Are Investors Going to Get Gobbled by Turkey?

Fear and Loathing in the Bond Market with Alternatives  (PDF)

2018 New Tax Law – Potential Market Results (PDF
New Tax Law  Facts – Some buried and not widely understood 
The Bull Market's Next Act - 2018 Outlook

June 2018: Stay the Course, Open an Umbrella, or Build an Ark?  (PDF) 
Earnings Updates, Buy in  May and Stay to Play. market Outlook, Risks, and Recommendations