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Travelog: Dave in Minnesota April 2018

Dave lived in Minneapolis before moving to Phoenix to escape the cold and snow many years ago. I played baritone sax in the University of Minnesota Marching Band but had not been back to the campus since. In April 2018 I attended a "Pride of Minnesota" band fundraising dinner in the vast box area on top of the TCF Stadium, that included tours of the impressive band facilities. Very different than in 1969 when we were in the basement of Northrup Auditorium and had to use the football field for practices. Now they have colossal practice rooms for the high-stepping 320-piece band.

Going onto the field, the football team comes out a narrow ramp, but behind it is a huge area where 320 band members line up in formation, coming out for pre-game or half-time shows.

The average high temperature was supposed to be in the 50's, but on the April night that  I was at the stadium, the wind chill was near 0 degrees. Upon my return to Phoenix, it was 100F, so I quickly defrosted. 

In Minneapolis, I also enjoyed the famous Chanhassen Dinner Theater, where I went on dates in my 20s.  I drove 10 miles in snow from the hotel, and scraping off ice and snow on my rental car after the great show reminded me why I moved to Phoenix! 

For a nostalgic look at my formative years, I was also welcomed by the current owners to see my old St. Louis Park home that I bought for $28,000 long ago, and my childhood Richfield home that my parents bought for a mere $7000.  The current owners were delighted to hear more of the history of their homes.

Video Links Below 

Dave Tour Above UofM Stadium Video

Dave Meets UofM Gopher Video

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